Classic Cookie Cutter – Shortcrust Biscuits with jam

[Post contains advertising] Classic cookies made of shortcrust pastry are always among the standards at Christmas. Every year, the Christmas bakery is starting with black and white short crust cookies, because the children (and also the adults) simply have the most fun cutting out and decorating the delicious cookies.

Swabian anise cookies (Springerle)

Anise makes happy and tastes particularly delicious in Swabian anise cookies (Springerle). This delicious anise cookies has a centuries-long tradition in southern Germany. Admittedly Springerle are time consuming in the preparation, but it is worth baking several baking trays – because they simply taste heavenly and are good for the stomach.

Winter salad with mandarins, pomegranate and feta

Stay fit in winter: this delicious winter salad with mandarins, pomegranate and feta provides an extra helping of vitamins. This vitamin bomb tastes not only super fruity and delicious but also makes you in a good mood, because the eye eats as you know!

Mousse au Chocolat – Creamy chocolate dessert

Mousse au Chocolat is not for nothing a popular French dessert. An airy cream with an intense chocolate taste. Nobody can resist that. As you get the dreamy chocolate mousse really airy and creamy, I’ll show you in this recipe.

Swiss gingerbread cookies with chocolate glaze

You know them from candy stands at fairs and Christmas markets. Deliciously scented gingerbread cookies, which is also called stomach bread. Of course, these Swiss delicacies can not be missed either on Advent or in the Christmas season.

Caribbean fish with mango & passion fruit

If you like sweet and sour sauces, you will love this excursion into Caribbean cuisine. Caribbean fish with mango & Passion fruit is a light and very fruity fish dish. Also prepared in 30 minutes, this fish recipe is perfect for the after-work kitchen.

Savory goulash soup – ideal for parties too

We love the Hungarian cuisine and especially a hearty goulash soup. Tender stew with peppers, potatoes, mushrooms and carrots in a spicy hearty broth. The warm goulash soup can be prepared in large quantities on the day before very easy and is therefore great as a party soup, for example on birthdays or New Year’s Eve.

Blackberry chocolate cake with buttercream roses

With this fantastic blackberry chocolate cake with buttercream roses, I have fulfilled myself a dream cake for my birthday. A fluffy chocolate cake with a delicate blackberry cream. As a topping beautiful buttercream roses and in between fresh blackberries.

Apple plum crumble with nuts

Juicy apple and plum pieces with crispy crumbles. When I think of the smell of fresh apple plum crumble with nuts, my mouth is always watering. No wonder this is a popular fall/winter desserts. Add a pinch of cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you’re already in seventh heaven.

Yeast dumplings with cinnamon plums

These delicious yeast dumplings with cinnamon plums are fluffy and fruity and fit perfect in the autumn/winter.

Healthy chocolate cake with beetroot (vegan)

Who wants a super juicy healthy chocolate cake with beetroot? Thanks to the beetroot, it stays moist for a very long time and does not dry out so quickly. A chocolate treat from the vegan bakery.

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